Looking to tow a trailer or 5th Wheel but don't know what your truck or SUV can tow?

Below is a link to Trailer Life tow guide that lists virtually every vehicle and their tow capacity.

What you need to keep in mind is that towing capacities are GROSS weight ratings.  Just because the guide says that a Truck can pull 8600lbs doesn't mean that is what you can tow.  Keep in mind that you will be carrying weight in the trailer as well as in your truck.  The best thing to do is refer to you owners manual and find out what your GCWR (Gross Combined Weight Rating) is for your truck and trailer.  If the GCWR is 14,000 lbs and your truck weight is 5,000 lbs then your maximum weight of passengers, cargo and trailer is not to exceed 9,000 lbs.

So as you consider the tow capacity for your vehicle keep in mind that these would be considered absolute maximums and it would be wise to try to keep the weight under the ratings.

2012 Tow Vehicles

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Trailer Life Vehicle Tow Guides.

Also, apparently this was sponsored by Ford, but you'll find all makes and models in the guide.

It should also be noted that a factory tow package greatly increases the ability of the vehicle to tow effectively.  Not only do tow packages provide Lower axle ratios, hitch receivers and wiring harnesses, but also give you larger radiators, transmission and oil coolers as well as larger alternators, wiring and brakes in most vehicles.


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